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Demonstration On Line Youth Protection Training Site

This site is a fully functioning training program with the exception that, if you complete the exam, your results will not be recorded anywhere and will not be sent to anyone anywhere. In every other respect it is the same as the full training site integrated with districts and district data bases.

If you have been requested to take the Youth Protection Training as a part of preparing to participate in a Rotary Youth Program, THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT SITE. This is a demonstration site ONLY.

The purpose of the demonstration site is twofold:

  1. To try out and evaluate the program before your district decides to adopt it and integrate it into a data-based system.

  2. To allow individuals to educate themselves in Rotary Youth Protection Policies and Procedures independently, as guests, without being associated with a district data-based system.

After trying out the demonstration, if you would like to have this program incorporated into your district system, have your District YE Chair, District Youth Protection, Youth Programs or New Generations Chair contact Dennis White email dennis@denniskwhite.com.. DO NOT contact Dennis directly. Only District Youth Program Officers will be able to set up and administer the program for your district.

Click here to begin the demonstration training program NAYEN Online Youth Protection Training Demo